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It’s high tourist season for a lot of cities and towns. For people seeing New York’s Times Square for the first time, the lights, massive billboards, and living statues (“Hello, Statue of Liberty!”) offer a lot to see. But for locals going about their daily routine, they might get a bit impatient with walking behind tourists craning their necks skyward. That seems to be the case for this Gawker blogger, who crankily suggests, “Bring Crime Back to Times Square.” A new generation of tourists might think this means the extortionate price of a hot pretzel. Have a listen to the first of a two-part story by Mike Shuster. He talks to the hustlers and pornographers who used to run the block.  Come back this afternoon for part two.

 (Found by library intern Kimberly Springer. Original airdate: 06/13/1984)

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