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"When you’re twenty-two you’re not an expert on any-fucking-thing" - Billy Connolly

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"People go on about those long scenes, but it’s not doing something for a trick or gimmick – it’s about doing what’s necessary. Why cut? If you have a close-up and what you’re getting is incredible, stay with it, look at it. It’s about what actually works. The fact is, it’s exciting. There’s film time, and there’s real time. These happened in real time and that’s exciting. You’re putting an audience in a situation that feels like reality." - Steve McQueen

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Sky Ferreira
Rancid Girl



"Sky Ferreira has said she’s recorded over 400 songs throughout her years on Capital Records, but only 12 tracks saw the light of day on her much anticipated 2013 debut Night Time, My Time. That is until Now.

Yesterday (Feb. 27), Ferreira took to Twitter to address the fact that one of her songs, “Rancid Girl” leaked online. Not that she was too upset about it. “Leaks usually bother me,” she tweeted. “But I actually like ‘Rancid Girl’ so that’s… cool?”

The song itself is a stripped down ballad that showcases Ferreira’s vulnerable vocals and lyrics beside an acoustic guitar. Ferreira wrote the song with composer Jon Brion, Fiona Apple collaborator Blake Mills and Cass McCombs, who Sky told last year made one of her favorite albums of 2013 with Big Wheel and Others.”

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The Americans at heart are a pure and noble people; things to them are in black and white. It’s either “rawk” or it’s not. We Brits putter around in the grey area. In our minds it’s “a little bit rock, a little bit snigger”.

British glam rock never made much of an impact on middle America. Before and after, we were bookended by Alice Cooper and Kiss: butch, “manly” glam with lots of guillotines and fireworks, muscle and metal. No mistaking the sexual bent of those fellers: “Nothing ambiguous about our boys.” That’s the only way Ohio could accept lipstick on males. So we Limeys all swanned off sniffily to the wings where we did make an impression. For a brief moment or two, we ruled in New York and Los Angeles.

Bowie, forward to Mick Rock’s Blood and Glitter, 2001.  (via bowiesongs)

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