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"When you’re twenty-two you’re not an expert on any-fucking-thing" - Billy Connolly

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I was the guy who waited in line to see The Empire Strikes Back. I was the kid who didn’t read the Time magazine article about Jaws because I was not going to let that fuck it up for me. My dad took me to movie matinees. Movies were all I wanted to do. And I grew up in a perfect time and a perfect place, with all this incredible stuff happening around me.

George Lucas lived two doors down from my house. I saw American Graffiti being photographed on Fourth Street in San Rafael. They were making The Godfather on Shady Lane in Ross, California. Dirty Harry was being shot at Larkspur Landing. By the time I was 14 I was on my way to a high school that had film courses, 16-millimeter cameras and double-system sound recording. I couldn’t wait.

David Fincher

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“Where we end up at the very last shot of the season is the iconic shot from Silence of the Lambs of heading down the corridor to the last cell on the left and finding not Hannibal Lecter, but Will Graham. … All we knew, essentially, was that Will Graham was so psychologically compromised after investigating the Minnesota Shrike that he had to be institutionalized. So, for me, I felt like we were staying true to that story but just telling it in a way that the few pages of backstory couldn’t possibly portray in their simplicity.” - Bryan Fuller [x]

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