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"When you’re twenty-two you’re not an expert on any-fucking-thing" - Billy Connolly

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Watching a Comedic Voice Evolve: The Rare, Early Clips of The Muppets | Splitsider

I imagine that when you think of The Muppets, you think of the movies, the show, or possibly even Sesame Street. While there is humor throughout all of these examples, it’s easy to categorize it all as “kids’ stuff.” However, there’s a deep, rich history to Jim Henson’s Muppets that extends far beyond these classic kids shows. And through them all there is a thread of comedy that is purely adult, sophisticated, and frequently irreverent: which is exactly the kind of thing I want these articles to preserve.

On October 15, 2003 a celebration was held at The Paley Center to pay respects to the life and creativity of Jim Henson. Muppet writer and historian Craig Shemin was present; as was Jane Henson, the widow of the Muppet’s creator and founder of the Henson Foundation; original performer Jerry Nelson; Henson historian Karen Faulk; and member of the puppet design team, Bonnie Erickson. However, the main event comes with Craig Shermin’s presentation of some rare Muppet artifacts from the early days of television.

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Oh, movies are important and they’re dangerous because we are the keeper of the dreams. You go into a little dark room and become incredibly vulnerable - on one hand all your perspectives can be challenged, you could feel something you couldn’t feel normally. It can encourage you to be the protagonist in your own life. On the other hand it can completely misshape you.
Susan Sarandon - The Celluloid Closet (via bloodanna)

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